Moving House

Moving to a different city, being in a new reality, in a completely different atmosphere can be exciting and stimulating. However, this mixture of happiness and uncertainty can sometimes be overwhelming.
Relocating from one city to another, whether in Italy or abroad, can really become a headache. It is therefore important to trust industry experts and to choose the right relocation company.
Indeed, moving does not simply involve transporting objects. It is a multi-faceted job that requires the analysis of innumerable parameters interconnected with each other
When moving house, it is necessary to choose a company with highly trained technical staff to best control every single detail.
Magnolia Moving gives great importance to customer care, to better understand your needs and tailor our offer accordingly.
Our staff is professional, responsible, kind, and always available. Magnolia Moving helps you at every stage from free inspection to the supply of everything you may need to move without breaking or damaging anything.

ditta traslochi


When moving from one part of Italy to another, the first thing to think about is safety for your goods and furniture during transport. You will want to manage the move in the most efficient way possible.
To meet your needs in national removals, Magnolia Moving breaks down the process in phases, which helps you speed up transfer operations and above all to find your belongings completely intact at your destination.
To establish the right relationship with the customer, we create a tailor- made service, because we all have different needs during a move. After the first meeting, a completely free inspection is carried out to assess the amount of furniture and types of objects you need to move.
In addition to these first steps, the national removal includes:

icona trasloco uffici

The supply of appropriate material is necessary to pack all your objects and personal belongings optimally, with care and without risking breakage during the journey.

icona trasloco uffici

We proceed with the construction of custom-made crates, ideal for safe transport of the most fragile and important goods, on an emotional and financial level.

icona trasloco uffici

Our technicians know how to handle and transport heavy and precious objects such as pianos, marble or safes.

icona trasloco uffici

We offer the possibility to request all parking and ladder truck permits where necessary.

trasloco internazionale

International Moving: How it works

Great difficulties are faced when moving from one country to another. Our company can help you, with the necessary equipment and personnel to carry out removals of all sizes from any country of origin to any destination.
Depending on the country you are moving to, our Magnolia Moving team is able to organize shipments by air, by sea or by truck.
International removal by truck: this type of transport is used for the whole European territory. Thanks to direct transport, the customer can choose an exact date of delivery for all their belongings. In the case of groupage transport, the company takes care of partial removals and at the same time offers greater flexibility for the delivery date.
International removal by sea: In case of transfer to Europe or outside the EU, it is possible to opt for moving by sea. You can choose between two different shipments, namely:

  • FLC (full container load) transport that allows you to ship in various sized containers.
  • LCL transport (less than container load) which keeps the goods in special wooden crates for international shipments then loaded inside containers. In this case, transport by sea is recommended for personal belongings and small volume objects. This is a cheaper service and offers flexibility in delivery times.

International removal by air: finally, for those who need to receive their belongings in the shortest time, it is possible to save time with transit by air. In this case the goods are placed in IATA cash desks which are compliant to aircraft holds as defined by the various companies that offer this service.
For removals with trucks, and for those by sea and air, Magnolia Moving will take care of filling in all the necessary documents for customs, and undertaking the bureaucratic procedures needed to obtain duty free import.