Office Moving

Moving offices or opening new ones can be a real adventure. The most important factor is to restore working conditions effectively. We can help with this too.


Many people worry about the timescale to get their office fully operational again.
For a professional or a company, what is more important than their office and administrative headquarters? A transfer therefore needs to rebuild the balance previously achieved fast, to ensure monthly profits are secured again.
Moving all office equipment within the country or abroad requires adequate support. It calls for professionals.
We at Magnolia Moving are experts in moving offices. We know the importance of tailoring our offer to your needs, from the design phase to the transport and complete restoration of your office in its new location.
Our professional service cares for details, has a global outlook and helps the businessperson minimize company downtime.


Moving offices needs to transfer all your furniture, documents and equipment efficiently, to quickly restore your business activity in a new location.
To achieve this goal, Magnolia Moving carries out an inspection for a clear and global vision of all activities.

There are two main phases to efficient office moving:


We carry out an inspection to help decide the timing for the move together. This phase is supervised by the moving company and the customer to best manage the entire operation. Communication at this stage is key.
Thanks to step-by-step planning, both additional costs and contingencies can be avoided. Meticulous logistics analysis is used to gauge access points, furniture characteristics, transfer methods, quantity of archives, number of workstations, etc.

Creating synergy:

When you choose to move offices, it is necessary for all professionals involved to operate synergetically: computer technicians, cleaning staff, construction workers, painters, etc. All services must be absolutely synchronized to move fast.

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To relocate offices, Magnolia Moving provides the businessperson with a full service, to optimise the transfer. The main services offered are:

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Customized move planning


Documents handling and transfer

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Internal archives management, storage and transfer

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Warehousing and porterage

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CED handling

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Free of charge inspection in short time

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Material for packaging of personal belongings

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Customisation and tailoring of offer

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Documentation supply for removal and possible disposal of paper, electronic material or furniture

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Transfer of: workstations, computers, printers, safes, delicate machinery, air conditioners, armoured cabinets, etc.

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Corporate headquarters temporary move, during completion of renovation works.

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A professional office moving service like ours is essential to plan optimally, and to move without loss or breakage of furniture and electronic components.
One of the main advantages of moving offices with Magnolia is the reduction of time wasted. An important hindrance during an office move is the inability to return to work fast.
To minimize business downtime, and to avoid excessive costs and inconveniences above all, you must rely on a professional firm.
The advantages of our professional transfer include:

  • Avoiding breakage and loss of personal items
  • Logistics optimisation, after inspection to speed up the process
  • Interfacing with IT technicians and construction workers, to deliver furniture and documents on time
  • Quick opening of office in new location

Because of our proven track record, more and more customers choose Magnolia Moving for their office transfer.