Privacy policy & Data protection

MAGNOLIA MOVING SRL is a company dedicated to a type of sensitive logistics, developing international and national removals, Relocation, packing of fine arts, transport and storage, logistics and production of fairs and events. As part of the activities, and by statutory requirements, MM collects and manages personal information, stored in a secure and proprietary database.

This policy is designed to comply with European Union legislation known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


This Policy makes known of his clients, workers, contractors and suppliers, the guidelines under which GIR handles and protects personal data in all the stages of the process (collection, use, retention, disclosure and disposal).


  1. Legality
    MM only collects, uses and discloses personal information in accordance with the laws applicable to its practice, as it asks its customers, employees, contractors and suppliers to follow the same policy.
  2. Transparency
    When necessary, MM will openly and honestly explain to legitimate information owners, whether customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and third parties in the supply, to explain how we treat the data people and how we use it.
  3. Accessibility and Updating
    We will always be available to respond to any questions regarding personal information that we keep filed, how it is handled, how it is used, who manipulates and helps legitimate owners correct any errors that might exist.
  4. Privacy security
    If we become aware of information that should not be in our database, we will immediately delete it, investigate how it was added and take appropriate action to prevent it from being repeated in the future. At any time, you can change or delete your personal data from our database, sending us an email to:
  5. MM Activity Characteristics
    MM may require access to personal data of individuals with whom it has no direct business relationship, obtaining them through clients / agents for whom we complete / provide services
  6. Integrity
    We will follow the usage policies and practices that support and promote the integrity of the personal information we handle.
  7. Third Parties
    In the course of our professional activity, we may have to involve subcontracted entities to perform complementary services to our activity. Therefore, we will only use external services from entities that not only have an adequate privacy policy in force, but also expressly accept MM
  8. Acceptance
    By accepting this policy, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the terms set forth herein and authorize the use of your personal information for the purposes set forth herein.
  9. Validity
    All personal information collected will be recorded in MM’s database for the time necessary to comply with the purposes of this Policy and the services we provide. In the case of customers, employees, contractors and suppliers, personal data related to the greetings or commercial relationship shall be maintained at least for the period established by the legislation in force.

Our Database

The Content of our Database is legal and relevant for the purposes necessary for the execution of our activity.

Our database only contains the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Residence address
  • Date of birth
  • ID number (passport, identity card, etc.)

Our database will not include data from an individual related to:

  • Race or ethnic origin
  • Sexual orientation or behavior
  • Health condition
  • Religion
  • Political affiliation or philosophy


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  1. Our website only collects personal information in the customer area, with restricted access and by validation by username and password, and for the commercial purposes described above. Out of this area no personal information is collected
  2. Cookies. It is a text file that can be placed in your internet browser by websites you visit that store information and access preferences that facilitate subsequent visits. Cookies do not store personal data. Our website may use the following types of cookies:
    • Analitycal: Allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and perceive the pages visited
    • Functionality: Allows us to recognize when you return to our website, improving the experience of your visit, such as the language settingYou may at any time change your choice of cookies, both on our website and elsewhere, in your browser settings. More information at
  3. Social Media. Our website includes access to social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. By clicking on some of these hits, for direct entry into our social pages, you can activate a cookie that will tell us which page it was on, and that will trigger processes for the connection to proceed correctly and clear. Entering the social network, the active privacy policy will be the social network itself


If you have any questions, concerns, comments or changes about our privacy policy, please contact us using the following contacts:

By email:

By phone: (+39) 065050127

By post: Via Cristoforo Sabbadino 163- 00148 Rome (Italy)

Effective Date

This policy will be effective as of May 24, 2019. The use of our website after the mentioned date will have implicit acceptance of the same


We reserve the right to change this policy at any time and without notice, so it will be important that you review it from time to time. Whenever any information is applied we will notify you, by email, or through our website.



Magnolia Moving srl will not tolerate Bribery

Corruption, bribery or attempted bribery is unacceptable. This applies whether offering a bribe, or accepting a bribe. It is against Magnolia Moving’s core values of conducting business to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

Bribery and corruption are covered by national and international laws and statutes. These laws often require companies to have rigorous, pro-active measures in place to detect and prevent corrupt practices.

Charter Statement

MM commits to legal and ethical behavior, and to refrain from doing anything that will harm the interests of the organization, other affiliates, clients, or the industry. We will take steps to ensure they are fully informed of applicable regulations and will monitor our employees and business partners to ensure full and continual compliance.

Legal Compliance

MM will ensure that they are aware of all applicable laws countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, and that we will obey and uphold those laws.

The laws that apply to our business activities include those where our activities occur as well as others that govern the international operations and citizens in respect of their conduct both at home and abroad.

Ethical behaviour

As a demonstration of our commitment, we pledge to take a zero- tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. At all times, MM  will act professionally, fairly and with the utmost integrity in all business dealings and relationships. This will apply wherever we operate.

Code of Conduct

Magnolia Moving, undertakes to:

  1. Never engage in any form of bribery, either directly or through any third party.
  2. Never offer or make an improper payment, or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.
  3. Never attempt to induce an individual, or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly.
  4. Never offer, or accept, money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks or commissions, in connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract.
  5. Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee or government official or representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favour.
  6. Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favour will be
    expected or implied.
  7. Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service which one would not normally be entitled to.
  8. Never disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Never induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.