When you are about to move there are many details to think about. When transferring with children and animals from one part of Italy to another or abroad, difficulties can multiply. Children and animals need special attention. Here are a few of our tips to relocate with them stress-free.


Relocating with children

When moving with children, we must pay attention to their needs which may be more than at first meets the eye. A few things to think about:

  • recreate a family environment packing everything that is an important point of reference for your child
  • Look for a new location in Italy or abroad with child-friendly services and infrastructures and other families like yours
  • Prefer quiet and green areas with shops, a gym and a doctor nearby
  • Spend time choosing their new school (with which Magnolia Moving can also help, carrying out the research for the best institution and handling the paperwork)


How to best deal with a relocation with animals

Like children, animals also need a lot of attention and bureaucracy. It is not always possible to keep them with you during the move, that is why choosing a reliable company for the task is essential. We can approach the airline and take care of the paperwork where needed.

Magnolia Moving offers a specific relocation service dedicated to animals. The legislation changes from country to country, but in general we will need to check all your pet’s main documents, namely:

  • vet certificates
  • microchip if necessary
  • vaccination certificates
  • import permits in case of transfer abroad


Magnolia Moving can transfer your pets directly with great care. We initially proceed with the washing and grooming of small animals, and with the constant professional assistance of a vet. Comfort stops are also planned during the transfer to avoid causing stress to the animal. We get the right permits for transport, possible airline reservations and, above all, you can be assigned a cat or dog sitter to make the trip even smoother.

Thanks to services like this you can help your pet reach its destination without excessive stress and in optimal shape.

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